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2011-07-11 06:06:54 by deathbloop

Happy robot day I'm gunna celebrate by seducing my computer with some nonstop playtime how r u gunna celebrate?

been ofline for a few months

2011-02-22 09:35:44 by deathbloop

ive been offline for a while and iv got sum cool art to post so i will as soon as my printer works

my first artwurk

2010-10-13 00:13:24 by deathbloop

yay my first artwurk a little sumthing i drew while watching my friend play castle crashers pls rate and be truthful im not offended by bad ratings :D

im new to newgrounds but...

2010-10-11 23:42:34 by deathbloop

im new to new grounds but i has sum skill making flash videos i hope to upload sum here shoartly :D